Kinilaw: A Filipino Ceviche and Poké

KinilawKinilaw is a Filipino staple dish. Just like our previous article Poké, raw fish will be used to prepare this dish and like Ceviche an acid will be used to cook the fish. Ceviche uses citrus but Kinilaw preferred vinegar.

A Tale of Kinilaw

There is a tale about the King and his Royal Cook that provides a possible explanation for the invention of Kinilaw. This story is from the Choose Philippines website, as told by Belle Piccio: [Read more…]

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The Flavors of the Sea in Ceviche

CevicheCeviche is a dish made of bite-sized raw fish (or a mixture of fish, shellfish, and seafood) marinated in lime or lemon juice. In some kitchens, the dish is flavored with salt, onions, cilantro, chili peppers, and tomatoes; in others, fewer ingredients are used.

InHistory of Ceviche, Seviche, or Cebiche”,  Linda Stradley gives an interesting narrative of ceviche’s history and how it is fast becoming a favorite in today’s globalized tables.

“The new ‘in’ food of the beginning of the 21st century is actually an old world dish from South America called Ceviche. It has been one of South America’s best-kept secret for centuries, but Ceviche is becoming a popular appetizer and will be gaining popularity as the century progresses. [Read more…]

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