Sauerkraut, Comfort Food from the Old World

SauerkrautIn many countries, sauerkraut is as popular a comfort food as chicken soup. Sauerkraut (German for sour cabbage) is made by fermenting finely cut cabbage, and it is either eaten by itself or used as a condiment for various traditional foods.

Sauerkraut’s Flavorful History

In Food History, a blog coordinated by Chefs Stephen Block and Stephen Halloway, the two food history buffs mention that, Although sauerkraut – German for ‘sour cabbage’ – is thought of as a German invention, Chinese laborers building the Great Wall of China over 2,000 years ago ate it as standard fare. Chinese sauerkraut, made from shredded cabbage was fermented in RICE WINE. [Read more…]

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Kimchi, the Backbone of Korean Cuisine

Kimchi from Korean CuisineTo the uninitiated, kimchi would probably be classified as one of Andre Zimmern’s bizarre foods. Indeed, it is an acquired taste with its pungent, fermented, and spicy flavors. However, once you get used to taking this dish with your meals, you will see how it washes your palate and keeps you from feeling saturated with oil and fat from other foods.

Kimchi through the Ages

Most Koreans are hard put to identify the time this dish was invented because for most of them, kimchi has just always been there. However, written records dating back to the 3rd century mention the Koreans’ expertise in fermenting foods. Zenkimchi, a Korean food journal,has this to say about kimchi history: [Read more…]

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