Sounds of Silence: Signature Dining Under the Stars at Ayer’s Rock/Uluru

Dining Under the Stars

Credit: Robyn Lee

Matt Long of Landlopers thought it would be another “over-touristy experiences.” Intrigued, he gave Sounds of Silence a try. He made his account in Embracing the Corny in Australia – Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience.

“… A trip to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, tends to be fairly scripted. The resort experience is like a cruise ship in the desert and every option for activities and meals tends to be controlled by the same company. That’s why I wasn’t sure if the Sounds of Silence dinner would actually be worthwhile, but I’m glad I took the leap and embraced the corny.”

The Landmark:

Dining under the stars in Sound of Silence is a signature activity that you can only experience at Ayers Rock or Uluru, its aboriginal name. The icon is among the world’s greatest wonders and one of the most recognizable Australian landmarks. It is a magnetic mound like England’s Silbury Hill and a major planetary grid point like Egypt’s Great Pyramid. [Read more…]

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