Refueling an Old Feud: Which is Australia’s Food Capital

Which is Australia's food capital?”Sydney has the glamour, the seafood, the sunshine, the modernity; but Melbourne has the detail, the laneways, the coffee and the rich interior life. ” ~Terry Durack, Chief Restaurant Critic, The Sydney Morning Herald

If you are a foodie traveling to Australia for the first time, the deciding factor in choosing your base usually has something to do with food. So, you are inclined to ask: Which is Australia’s food capital?

Since time immemorial, Melbourne and Sydney have always been pitted against each other when it comes to having the best dining places. Once again the old rivalry comes to the fore with the release of World’s 50 Best Restaurants. If you care to know which is deemed the better food capital, read Ardyn Bernoth’s Melbourne v Sydney: Who Gets the Crown posted in Good Food – Eat Out Section. [Read more…]

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