Crocodile Meat for the Adventurous Palate

crocodile meatSince time immemorial, people have looked at crocodiles as terrifying beasts that are best avoided. Lately, however, the predator that ruled the earth during the Mesozoic era has been redefined as an exotic culinary treat, and adventurous diners can now choose crocodile meat as their lunch or dinner.

What Crocodile Meat Has to Offer

Most of the people who have tried crocodile meat say that its texture a cross between chicken and pork, but it has a mildly fishy taste. The meat of some crocodiles is almost white, a bit reminiscent of frog legs. Generally, the taste of crocodile meat is neutral and needs to be enhanced with flavoring. Most diners comment that it is best prepared grilled or barbecued. [Read more…]

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