Sounds of Silence: Signature Dining Under the Stars at Ayer’s Rock/Uluru

Dining Under the Stars

Credit: Robyn Lee

Matt Long of Landlopers thought it would be another “over-touristy experiences.” Intrigued, he gave Sounds of Silence a try. He made his account in Embracing the Corny in Australia – Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience.

“… A trip to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, tends to be fairly scripted. The resort experience is like a cruise ship in the desert and every option for activities and meals tends to be controlled by the same company. That’s why I wasn’t sure if the Sounds of Silence dinner would actually be worthwhile, but I’m glad I took the leap and embraced the corny.”

The Landmark:

Dining under the stars in Sound of Silence is a signature activity that you can only experience at Ayers Rock or Uluru, its aboriginal name. The icon is among the world’s greatest wonders and one of the most recognizable Australian landmarks. It is a magnetic mound like England’s Silbury Hill and a major planetary grid point like Egypt’s Great Pyramid.

The Preliminaries:

To have a dinner outdoors as the sun goes down against Uluru landscape is dream-like. Matt Long takes you there as he, makes an account of the experience. It started inauspiciously; he was bracing up to have a boring evening as he tries to make awkward chats with strangers. That changed when the ride offered a 360-degree view of the outback.  They arrived just as the sun was preparing to retire. They were greeted with champagne, canapés and open bar; the outdoor ambiance was rendered more authentic with the playing of the didgeridoo. It is an Aboriginal wind instrument that looks like a long wooden tube.

The Surprising Amity

Long’s dreaded “strangers” were soon discovered to be a really nice bunch of tourists. There was diversity, yet everyone gets along very well. It is a prelude to greater things. Watching the sunset turns to be a fun and beautiful experience. While sunset can be seen anywhere in the world, watching it sinks over massive Kata Tjuta as the sky changes its hues, is something everyone claims not having seen before.

Dining under the Stars

Beneath the canopy of stars, there in Australia’s notable outback, you get the opportunity to savor the world’s most unforgettable alfresco dining experience: the Sounds of Silence dinner. What else is most fitted outdoors, but an Australian barbecue? It was superb and the spread was exotic (very NT indeed!) – kangaroo, Barramundi, and crocodile – paired with Australian wines, classic desserts and “bush-tucker” salads.

Capping the Unforgettable Experience

There are coffee and tea. If you are coming here in the winter, you might get the treat of the mulled wine you can sip around a bonfire. What makes this nightcap particularly especial is sipping and stargazing into the outback night sky where the stars, you can swear, are just more numerous. With the resident “star talker” you get some fast lessons on astronomy you didn’t learn in school. The whole magical (admit it), fun experience takes four hours. Full and tired, only a great company on the way back to the hotel and the awaiting warm bed can match the ecstatic feeling. Dinners at the Sounds of Silence must be booked in advance. A bus departs from Ayers Rock Resort every day.

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