Raclette: A Melting Wheel of Swiss Cheese


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The internet is going crazy over raclette.

Raclette (reads as rak-let), is an original Swiss dish that is become popular in New York where there is a restaurant named after the famous cheese.

“The Raclette NYC” serves “RACLETTES” – defined as “Rack melted Alpine cheeses over spiced oven roasted potatoes, cornichon pickles, and cured meats.”

That’s HEAVEN! And who wouldn’t love to have a taste of heaven?


Getting to know the Melting Wheel of Swiss Cheese

The melting wheel of Swiss Cheese which is called raclette is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg (13 lb). It is most commonly used for melting, according to WikiPedia.

More information from WikiPedia:

“It is also a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part.

Raclette is also a dish indigenous to parts of Switzerland.[2]

The raclette cheese round is heated, either in front of a fire or by a special machine, then scraped onto diners’ plates.

The term raclette derives from the French word racler, meaning “to scrape”, a reference to the fact that the melted cheese must be scraped from the unmelted part of the cheese onto the plate.”

Different Raclette Recipe Ideas

Let your inner chef come out by making some of Raclette recipe ideas from RacletteCorner.Com:

Traditional Raclette Recipe

This simple raclette recipe should be the first you try on your raclette grill or raclette melter. (for 4 Persons).


  • 8 small/medium potatoes
  • 5 lb. (3kg) Raclette cheese
  • Buendnerfleisch (air-dried thigh or shoulder beef) – cut in paper thin slices
  • 1 jar pickled gherkin cucumbers (cornichons)
  • 1 jar pickled onions
  • freshly ground pepper
  • paprika


Leave the skin on the potatoes, and wash them and boil in a pot filled with salted water for about 20 min. Test with a knife if the potatoes are done. Keep warm until ready to use in an insulated potato basket. In the meantime, remove the rind of the cheese and cut into 1/16″ (1.6mm) thick slices using an adjustable slicer. Arrange gherkins, onions, and Buendnerfleisch on a platter and set aside until required.

Turn raclette on to begin to heat up (allow for at least 5 minutes before using). For Raclette grills: Each guest takes a slice of cheese, places it in their pan and slides it under the raclette grill to melt. It takes approximately 2 minutes to melt to a creamy consistency and 3 minutes for crispier top. In the meantime, take a potato, place onto your plate and cut it into a few pieces, remove the pan from under the grill once it’s reached its desired consistency and hold the pan onto its side to scrape the cheese out, using your wooden spatula.

For a Raclette melter, each guest prepares potatoes and side dishes on their plates. When the cheese starts melting on the wheel, you can scrape the cheese onto the plate.

Season to taste with freshly ground pepper and paprika.

Sally’s favorite Raclette combination


  • Pork Tenderloin, cut in thin strips, (you can marinate the pork strips a day ahead in ½ oil, ½ soy sauce, paprika powder)
  • Boiled potatoes, sliced
  • Emmentaler cheese or Raclette cheese, sliced
  • Tomatoes, sliced


Cook the pork and potato slices on the grill top, when brown, put them in the pan, add a slice of tomato, and cover with cheese. Put under the heating element until melted.

Enjoy with fresh ground pepper.

Asian Beef – Raclette with an Asian Twist

Marinate the meat, grill some vegetables, and serve with French bread (makes 4 servings)


For the marinade:

    • 3 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
    • 3 garlic gloves, minced
    • 1/4 cup light brown sugar
    • 4 teaspoons chili powder or red chili paste
    • 1/4 cup pear or pineapple juice
    • 1/4 cup canola oil
    • 2 pounds boneless beef, sliced thinly


    • Zucchini, mushrooms, red or yellow pepper, tomatoes,


    • French bread or sour dough bread


    • For this recipe, we recommend our imported Emmi Raclette cheese (1.75lbs). This cheese is milder than the domestic Grand Cru cheese and pairs better with the Asian style beef.


    Whisk garlic, brown sugar, chili powder, pear juice, and oil in a bowl. Add meat and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

    Cut the vegetables, sprinkle with a little oil.

    Slice the bread and the cheese.

    Grill the meat and vegetables on the preheated grill top; melt the cheese in the dishes.

    Combine on your plate. Season with a little paprika and fresh ground black pepper.


    Raclette is best to serve with wine. Try pairing your cheese with dry Chenin Blanc or a fruity Sauvignon Blanc. You can even pair it with an inexpensive Côtes du Rhône white wine.

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