Putting the Sizzle in the Steak

sizzling steak

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Most people love steaks, but these slabs of meat often lack the sophistication that other dishes (like duck in orange sauce) have. Giving a steak extra sizzle is one of the best ways to dress it up and enhance its taste; that’s why many restaurants today will serve steaks in a sizzling plate.

The Plate that Gives the Sizzle

Most sizzling plates need to be “seasoned”, particularly if they are made if cast iron. In Proper Use of a Sizzling Plate, Pinoy Kitchenette gives detailed instructions on how a sizzle plate can be prepared for successful use. The blog says, Before using the sizzling plate, it must be put directly to the burner of the stove to remove the carbon. Let the plate cool down before washing it with water, then wipe the plate using clean cloth. After drying the plate, it can now be used. After using the plate, wash using steel wool pads/scrubbers and soap. Rinse with water. After washing, wipe the plate using a clean dry cloth. After wiping with a clean cloth, wipe again using cooking oil to avoid rust during storage. You may also use a tissue to wipe off excess oil…”

Following these instructions will prevent your sizzle plate from rusting. These steps are to be followed each time the plate is used, but the effort is well worth it when you hear the sizzle as you serve an otherwise boring steak.

In How to Use a Sizzle Plate, Mark S. Baker gives a simple introduction to how a sizzle plate can spin its magic. “…A sizzle plate serves double duty because you can use it to heat the food as well as to serve it. You can buy these plates — made of stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron — to use at home…”

His instructions say, “Preheat your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the sizzle plates in the oven for 10 minutes. Cook the food until it’s almost done. Remove the sizzle plates from the oven and set them into wood underliners. Place the cooked food on the sizzle plates, making sure that some of the cooking juices also make it on the plate. Serve immediately.”

Baker reminds sizzle plate users to make sure the food has some moisture when it is placed on the sizzle plate; this is what allows it to sizzle.

For the Best Sizzling Steak

Using a sizzle plate is a fairly simple process, but it adds a lot of pizzazz to any dish.

In Edibly Asian’s  “Sizzling Hot-Plate Presentation”, Kroocrew describes the final steps to putting that extra step in your steak. “The process is quite simple. An oiled cast iron thick plate is heated over a flame to just less than the oil smoking temperature. This is then transferred to a trivet or carrier wooden tray and the food served onto the iron plate. Immediately it will begin to sizzle and splatter somewhat…
“The sizzling food needs to be brought to the diner’s table immediately as the heat will dissipate enough to stop the sizzling quite quickly…”

Once the steak is ready, you can sit back with a glass of your favorite red wine, and enjoy the sizzle that comes with it.

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