Combining Food And Wine For the Holiday Season

Food and Wine Combinations For Seasonal Feasts

Each year as the festive season approaches, people start preparing for the traditions.There are traditions that stay. For those with more adventurous spirits, the holiday season is a time to splurge and is the best time to try new things.

Wine is generally a part of this tradition, but one may wish for a little change in the kind or brand of wine they may have this year.

If you are lost in the vast choice of brands of wine out there, you may want a little tip or suggestion  from some wine connoisseurs.

food and wineWhat would be the right wine for you this holidays? First, check out the foods that you are planning to prepare for the holidays. Make sure that the wine you are planning to buy will either complement or contrast the food.

For help, you may want to turn to Food and Wine

So the real issue is all those side dishes. What you want is a wine that goes equally well with brussels sprouts, sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, creamed onions, corn bread and 15 or 20 other Thanksgiving must-haves. This means a wine that not only manages to have wonderful flavor but also wonderful balance— neither too tannic nor too acidic, neither too alcoholic nor too light. It needs the zip to cut through cream, the delicacy to enhance subtle seasonings and the flavor to stand up to a host of other, not always complementary flavors—all qualities the following wines have. And, of course, all of them are perfect matches for turkey.

This article enumerates all the possible food and wine suggestions that includes white wines, red wines and rose. Taking note of the suggestion will make sure that everything will go well with the turkey.

But, you may also want to splurge and go for the highly recommended wines for the season such as Ars Vitis Riesling or Wolf Blass Grey Label. These are not cheap, but can be truly appreciated by even those with the most impeccable palate.

What food and wine goes with your holiday dishes?

Think of the richness of the flavors, the exciting holiday ambiance and the fun. With the right combination of food and wine, you will surely have a merry Christmas with the right company.

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