How to Order Wine like a Pro

ideas on how to order wineImagine it’s your first date in a fancy restaurant and the waiter will take your order and give you the wine list, but it’s your first time and you don’t know what wine suits you.

You have no idea on what to order, so you just choose whatever your finger points to. Of course, when your order arrives you can’t believe you ordered that wine. It’s certainly not your ideal wine, and so regrets happen.

Don’t worry anymore, Mike Peterson has written the article  How to order wine like you know how to order wine.  This will teach you on how to order wine like a pro, from basics to food/wine pairing and a script on how to order wine.

The basics of the wine selection process can be summarized:

The markup: All restaurants have massive price markups for their wines. They usually sell their wine bottles about double retail price. Restaurant wine prices and their markups have an inverse relationship so the cheaper the wine, the higher the price markup, and vice versa. There is one exception to this rule – the second-cheapest bottle on the menu.

The second-cheapest bottle trick: Restaurant owners know and understand that their customers don’t want to look like a cheapo when ordering wine, so they greatly mark up the second tier of cheapest bottles.

So don’t be afraid to order the cheapest bottle on the menu. The author wrote based on his experience, that the most inexpensive bottle is usually the lovely wine.

Glass versus bottle: Can’t decide whether to buy a bottle of wine or just a glass of it? A typical glass of wine is equivalent to 1/4 of the bottle, so if you can finish 3 glasses of the same wine might as well buy a bottle of it. With this, you enjoy more wine with a lesser price.

But if you and your friends don’t have the same preferences in wine then go for individual glass. And if you want to try different varieties of wine, a glass of each is also a good choice.

Unique brands and varietals: Try looking for the less-known brand wine in the menu list, you can rest assured that if the restaurant owners went out of their way to include them on the wine list, they must be worth their weight in terms of quality and deliciousness. You can also get a great deal because they give lower markup for this wines.

Food and wine pairing: You should determine your food first before ordering your wine because you might be ordering the “high risk” food. “High risk” foods most contain significant amounts of sugar, bitterness and/or spiciness. So better tell your waiter if you think you are potentially ordering a “high risk” meal so an appropriate wine can be selected.

The Wine Ordering Script – Summary

1.) Survey the table to find out what people prefer

2.) Set your price limit and don’t go beyond it

3.) Utilize the server/ sommelier to help you with the selection – describing the style of wine that you’re wanting – red or white, fruity or earthy, the body of the wine and the price point

4.) Sample the wine when it is presented, checking the vintage, sampling the wine to be sure that it isn’t “corked” and then telling the waiter to pour the wine

5.) Enjoy!

When you follow these steps you will now look like a pro in ordering your wine and no one will think that you are a first-timer.

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