Why Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Must be in Your Bucket List

Australia is a food wonderland and Melbourne, Victoria is one of its stellar destinations that every foodie would love to visit. Its laneways is among the most popular laidback restaurants that can easily match any first-rate restaurant – underground restaurants, refurbished warehouses, vineyards in the Yarra Valley and the 17-day Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Why is this festival a great occasion to visit Melbourne?  The article Melbourne Food & Wine Festival posted in – Explore Section gives you 10 reasons aside from

… World’s Longest Lunches in breathtaking places to avant-garde Australia's Food and wine festivaltasting dishes from global culinary superstars…

  1. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival boasts a diverse program of unforgettable events … there are so many events going on, each is memorable it its own right, thus attracting some 250,000 visitors each year.
  1. The festival is renowned for bringing the city to life with convivial outdoor celebrations. There is the usual World’s Longest Lunch, a record set by the Festival in 2014 with its 530m-long table along the Yarra River, feeding1504 diners.
  1. Global stars collaborate with Melbourne’s leading chefs. Big names in the culinary industry are all coming to Melbourne – René Redzepi, Ferran Adria, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson …
  1. The two-day Langham Melbourne MasterClass. This is a hallmark of the festival. If you are a foodie, you can’t resist the chance to learn from culinary greats. This is the place and time to learn from among the world’s most admired chefs and to taste their signature cuisines.
  1. … city slickers are encouraged to take a food and wine mini-breaks in the countryside. Even locals find a reason to take some days off to head to some breathtaking locations such as Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.
  1. … food and wine experiences you can’t do at any other time of the year. During the festival you are likely to brush shoulders, not only with stellar and legendary chefs, but the artisan makers and producers of tantalizing products and produce.
  1. March signals … picking and processing their precious grapes. Your food adventure also take you to witness and join vineyard tours and activities – wine tastings and special lunches and dinners with fabulous wine pairings.
  1. … guided tour through laneways and hidden doorways.  Making the exploration and discovery is all part of the fun. Don’t miss Mamasita, MoVida Next Door, Izakaya Den and Tonka.
  1. There’s something for foodies of all ages at the Festival. It’s a great opportunity to expose children to wake up their budding interest to cook or be a chef when they grow up. Let them have the experience of their life as they make their first sushi or mini pizza.
  1. Melbourne and Victoria’s rich multicultural heritage. All these come to the fore as they create the most perfect backdrop to “generations-old recipes” and the artistry of the people that created them.

Each year, the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is celebrated in the heart of the city enticing local and international foodies to experience the explosion of great flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences. It is also a reminder to Sydney, another great foodie destination, that it will always be hot on its trail, always ready to usurp the title of being the best dining capital of Australia.

The venues for the events and the participating restaurants are all well-served by the City Circle Tram. With Melbourne all abuzz, it will be an unforgettable, most amazing 17 days you’ll commit to memory for a long, long time if not for a lifetime.

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