boil over protector

Boil Over Protector

A simple yet useful item for the kitchen is a boil over protector, also known by other terms such as:

  • milk watcher
  • milk saver
  • pot watcher
  • pot minder

This device can be placed at the bottom of your pot to prevent boiling over of liquids, and especially the boiling over and burning of milk.

A porcelain boil over protectorThe boil over protector is a disk with a raised rim, and has a notch on one side.

The interior of the protector disk isn’t level; instead it slants upwards toward the notched side. It thus creates a space just behind the notch where water vapor can collect. This water vapor becomess trapped under the boil over protector, causing the notched side of the disk to rise up slightly, thus releasing the stored water vapor and at the same time circulating the liquid around the base of the pot. As a result, the boiling action is disturbed, and the chance of forming a boiling foam that can cause a boil over is avoided.

A boil over protector can warn the cook

As the disk moves up and down it makes a rattling noise, this alerting the cook that the contents are boiling.

In this way, the boil over protector not only acts directly to break down the foaming boil in the pot, but also immediately notifies people about the fact.

Every kitchen should have a boil over protector if milk is heated regularly

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