Combining Good Food with Good Music

Good Food and Good Music Belong Together

People who love food and music have always known that this is a perfect match that inspired many great artists and musicians to create equally superb recipes in the past.

Mozart, Basten, Verdi and Rossini are just a few great musicians whose creative juices have been inspired to flow by great food and wine flavors. This is the reason why fine dining restaurants who want to provide their guests with exceptional dining experience plays soft music in the background or provide live performances.

Evidence of how good music influences culinary and gastronomic experience is well entrenched in history.

music and foodThis continues to this day and such is the reason for many restaurant’s music and food pairings according to Huffington Post’s Article about food and music.

Really, one can’t help but ask, is

Food and Music: A Match Made in Heaven?

The connection between food and music has been explored from many angles — from commenting on Mario Batali’s choice of music at Babbo to recommending tunes for one’s dinner party. Recently, there have been a spate of new developments fusing the two disparate subjects.

There is strong evidence that sound can influence the way we taste food, often dramatically. As food people and music people continue to find opportunities to work together, it will be interesting to see how one industry can affect the other. Plus, we’re holding out for food that can somehow make music.

For food and music connoisseurs, these two unquestionably go hand in hand together. They both evoke emotions and there seems to be no more pleasurable way of enjoying them than having them both at the same time.

This article highlights how certain food can wonderfully pair with music and how musicians are incorporating food experiences in their musicality while food connoisseurs are finding their inspiration with particular music.

History is a witness how food and music pairing is influencing the lives of people.

Today, this continues like  a saga as long as good music sets the mood for cooking and dining.

A romantic song might just you help your taste buds feel love as you wash it down with a good bottle of red wine to go with the music.

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