Cutting Food Waste: Do It in Your Own Kitchen

Food waste

Photo Credit: Nick Saltmarsh

At a time when the world’s living spaces are threatened by the mounting problem on wastes of all sorts, each human being must feel the pressure to do his share of saving the environment. As a foodie who spends a lot of time whipping up dishes upon dishes of delectable kitchen creations, you have the opportunity to deal with this global problem right in your kitchen.

Inspired by Chef Spike Gjerde, the green chef of Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore

Jess Kapadia writes 5 Real Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste for Food Republic –Green Scene Section. What amazes Kapadia, and maybe his readers too, is how “Chef Spike cuts down on kitchen waste, naturally.” [Read more…]

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Easy 5 Steps To be a Savvy Summer Party Host


Credit: adifansnet

Down under, summer coincides in December, so that Christmas and New Year festivities are held under the scorching weather. In North America and Europe, summer season starts around July to September. Regardless of where you live and despite the sizzling temperature, summer is the best time to party and to celebrate occasions such as pool parties, wedding, family reunions, etc. For close friends and neighbors, gathering in your home or theirs can be a fun way to while away summer in a fun way.

Despite these parties being informal, you still want everyone to have a great time (including yourself), especially if you are the host. To have a great summer party, take the stress out of your party equation: drinks + great food + music = great party.

Make the drinks nice, long, cool, and interesting to be better appreciated by the guests.  Make the job of party hosting easy by creating a party spread that can be prepared in advance – simple, light and delicious. With the right music in the background or with a karaoke (if there are guests who like to sing) you can have a memorable summer party. [Read more…]

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Bachelorette Party -perfect Prep-ahead Party Drinks

Bachelorette PartyWhat’s a bachelorette party without the drinks? If you’re the chosen maid of honor, you’ll have to host the “final fling before the ring” party for the bride who could be a best friend, a sister or a close relative. With the pressure, deciding about the right cocktails would be the first on your list.  If you want to host and enjoy the party too, the perfect cocktail drinks for the party must be easy to prepare with just a few ingredients, easy to clean up and inexpensive.

For cocktails that you can do in advance, check out these suggestions by the Wedding Chicks, Easy Bachelorette Party Drink Recipes.

Signature cocktails for any kind of event are really cute, tasty, and personalized but we’ll be the first to admit they can be hard to prep and quite expensive. A bachelorette party is a great example of a get together where you will definitely want to have a bangin’ drink available for guests… but one that can prepped ahead of time, requires minimal ingredients, hardly any clean up, and doesn’t break the bank. How do you want to party? Bust out the shot glasses or sip on these cocktail recipes – you choose…either way these easy bachelorette party drink recipes will provide a great night of fun!”

[Read more…]

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Rum: The All-weather Drink

rumThe drink now known as rum was created out of industrial waste products of Carribean sugarcane plantations in the 17th century. Legend has it that slaves first discovered that when molasses was fermented, it would become alcohol. It was much later that this crude alcohol was distilled, purified, and accepted as a respectable drink.

By the 1600s, Brazil was producing this drink and by 1664, a rum distillery had been set up in the North American British colonies. For a time, this drink was the main industry in New England. Rum became an extremely popular drink in the colonies, and the demand for it declined only when sugar imports from the Caribbean became restricted. [Read more…]

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Light and Filling Pho


Photo Credit: jypsygen

If you have ever had a taste of Vietnamese pho, you will know that it can give the usual comfort traditional soups a run for their money. It is rich yet light, and it has a surprising touch of mint to make it truly interesting. In South Vietnam, pho is traditionally treated as breakfast food, although it is also eaten for lunch. In North Vietnam, however, pho is eaten for breakfast, lunch, supper, or for snacks.

How Pho Became a Global Delight

Some say that pho originated in North Vietnam at the start of the 20th century. In BootsnAll’s Pho 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Vietnam’s Most Famous Dish, James Pham writes, “Earliest references to pho appear in literature from 1915, and photos of street vendors selling pho from before 1909. Some say that the name comes from the Cantonese “phan,” also pointing to a broad rice noodle sold on the streets of Hanoi by Chinese immigrants. Others claim that the Vietnamese lover of a French officer attempted to make “pot-au-feu,” the classic, rustic French beef stew. She couldn’t quite get the flavors right, so she started adding local spices and voila, Vietnamese “feu” was born. I love it when my food is controversial. [Read more…]

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Masala Dosa – One of India’s Gifts to the Gastronomic World

masala dosa

Credit: bionicgrrrl

Masala Dosa is South Indian dish that is fast gaining popularity in cities all over the world. The dosa is similar to a tortilla in the sense that it is a crepe-like base where the desired filling is stacked. The dosa can be folded over like a soft taco, rolled like a burrito, or shaped like a cone – depending on the cook’s preferred presentation. The masala dosa uses potatoes and spices to fill up the dosa. It is a vegetarian dish and in 2011, it was included by CNN in the list of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods.

Begin with the Dosa

In the New York Times, David Tanis writes the article India on a Griddle: A Savory Dosa Recipe Worth the Effort, where he says: “But lately I’ve been crazy for dosas, the heavenly crisp South Indian sourdough pancakes, particularly the classic potato-stuffed masala dosa. [Read more…]

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Chipotle: The Healthy Mexican Fast Food Chain


Credit: Thomas Hawk

There are currently 1700 Chipotle restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, France Germany, and Canada, and at the doorway of each Chipotle restaurant, there is a sign that says, “Food with Integrity”. It is a motto that the chain tries to keep, and it is a promise that is not easy to live up to today. If food critics are to be believed, the chain seems to be doing pretty well in this area, and if diners are to be believed, Chipotle is good eating as well.

The Healthy Promise

Chipotle says no to genetically modified products and declares that it uses organic ingredients. It is said to serve more organically raised meat than any other chain in the United States. Critics seem to agree that the restaurant serves healthy food – or at least allows diners to make healthy choices. [Read more…]

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Culinary Travel: Incredible Vacations con Epicurean Delights

Food travel“Everyone has to eat,” said World Food Travel Association president and CEO Erik Wolf he founded in 2003 for the purpose of promoting the culture of eating and drinking though travel.

Wolfe is right. Eating is a human activity that intends to meet a biological need and more. It is also about being with and meeting people to satisfy a social pang. It is also about immersing in a culture and delving into history. According to Samantha Shankman of Skift (Destination Section) in her post The Big Business of Food Tourism and Why It Matters, “Food tourism tells the story of a destination’s history, culture, and people.”  Skift reports that food or culinary tourism is fast rising.

Interesting Facts about Food Travel/Tourism

The Report says, “Food tourism is any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects the local, regional or national cuisine, heritage and culture.” [Read more…]

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The Food Truck Experience

Food truck

Credit: stu_spivack

Food truck gatherings are one of the best ways to indulge your desire to go on a food trip. This can be much like visiting the food court of a mall, but infinitely more interesting and fun. Food trucks used to be no more than a cheap source of quick meals; this is no longer true today. Food truck gatherings have assumed a carnival like atmosphere, and the clientele has expanded beyond office workers out to grab a sandwich or some fish and chips.

Today’s Food Trucks

As Tim Grey says in Meals on Wheels: Australia’s Best Food Trucks posted in The News Daily, “It’s easy to see why food trucks have been one of the more interesting dining fads of late: low start-up costs mean young people with great ideas can get a leg-up, while diners get all the convenience of fast-food with the quality of local produce. Plus, the atmosphere’s unbeatable.” [Read more…]

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