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Abaconre you a foodie? Then you must have spent too many hours watching Food Network cook shows to believe that “Everything’s better with bacon!” If “better” means “delicious” many would tend to agree. It is one of those craved foods in the planet that can be eaten eat anytime with much gusto and with almost anything. That is why it’s great. No wonder it turns in monstrous annual sales of $4billion.

But just like any other product, its history shows it has not always been as famous; it has also gone some tough times, even suffered a drop in the 1980s when health food was all the rage.

Today, despite health consciousness, it remains a staple finding itself useful in sandwiches, soup, dishes with eggs, salads, etc. either as a flavor enhancer, main thing or accompaniment to a dish. Having been entrenched in the American diet, its sales continue to grow. While consumption may take a dip at some point, it is here to stay.

If you are hypertensive or you have high cholesterol level, how can you deal with life without red meat, and without bacon? So, those who want to stay away from this food must be happy to read Jason Adams’ “Not Everything Is Better With Bacon” posted in Sphere Beta – Interests Section.

My response: Hogwash.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I freely admit: I like bacon. A lot. And I eat it…

… Bryan Mayer, co-owner of Philadelphia’s Kensington Quarters, which uses locally sourced grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, said, “I don’t think everything’s better with bacon,” he says. “It’s an accessory. I would love a breakfast of an egg, some toast, an avocado, a slice of bacon—that’s awesome. I don’t need 16 slices of bacon, I don’t need bacon weave wrapped over my meatloaf—it’s overkill.”…

John Fraser, executive chef of NYC’s Narcissa, “was able to bring the whole idea home, helping me find the words for my “everything’s better with bacon” disdain”

…  “Just the other night I had a baked potato for dinner. It was served with bacon bits. No one is going to argue that bacon and potatoes taste good together … it’s not a tug of war—it takes over without a fight. I try to understand what bacon brings to a dish and look to emulate it in the dish preparation. Staying with the brussels sprouts—they love smoke and salt. Bacon is their soulmate. However, (together) … bacon actually covers the flavor of the brussels. I would like to work under the assumption that brussels are delicious alone, and that the bacon is a distraction rather than an enhancer.”

Nina Teicholz, author of “The Big Fat Surprise,” is advancing the idea that bacon is actually good for you. It contains, after all a nutrient dense protein and naturally laden with saturated fat, which has been falsely misjudged. In an article posted in Bacon Today, Boss Hog writes about the “Top 10 Reasons Bacon Is Actually HEALTHY For You!”

Top 10 Reasons why bacon is actually healthy for you!

  1. Pork-Powered Protein
  2. Bacon’s Blood-Balancing Bounty
  3. Flushing Fat With Flavorful, Friendly Flesh
  4. Bacon’s Brain Building Business
  5. Bacon Lets You “Pig Out” On Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  6. Effective Mood Elevator:
  7. Nitrates and Nitrites – Now Non-Issues
  8. Bacon Power Now Expands To Our Vehicles and Industry
  9. Universally Beloved Flavor Enhancer
  10. While We Heart Bacon – Bacon Heart’s Your Heart

This dish is just too delicious to be ignored. The idea that it can actually be healthy is welcome and offers some saving grace after all the wait of those who have been drooling with the sight and smell of it. While not everything’s good with bacon, it is good to know you don’t have to totally avoid it. A moderate amount may actually satiate your cravings to keep you consuming less.

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