Away from Coffee: Perk-me-up Morning Drink Alternatives

coffeeIs coffee good or bad for your health? This has been the subject of too many debates and over 18,000 studies. Today there is a consensus that caffeine can promote numerous health benefits. For instance, it is said to be effective in weight loss having the property to aid fat burning. There are also studies that reported about its neuroprotective function to lower the risks for Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism and dementia. Similarly, there are studies showing that caffeine can be bad particularly for people with diabetes or hypertension.It can’t be denied that coffee is a psychoactive substance that makes it the world’s most favorite beverage. Once caffeine is gets into the brain, it blocks Adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This increases other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine that enhances firing of neurons. Consequently, general cognitive function including memory, energy levels, mood and speed of reaction are all improved.

Now you know why you are jolted to wakefulness and to heightened alertness when you gulp that booster of a beverage in the morning, and whenever you feel sleepy and sluggish. But when caffeine is not good for your health or when you want to avoid excess calories and hidden sugar, what are your alternatives? Learn about your morning options in this article “17 Delicious Alternatives to Your Morning Coffeeposted in Skinny Miss.

  • Healthy Smoothies. These can make you combine healthy veggies that are rather unpleasant (for you) with your favorite fruits. Five of the 17 suggested alternatives are smoothies including “Wake Me Up, Keep Me Going Smoothie” that combines spinach, kale, avocado and chia seeds with delicious fruits like banana and grapes; it has green tea too. Other smoothies in the list include Almond Protein Smoothie, Green Tea Kiwi Berry Smoothie, Mango Coconut Mint Smoothie and other protein-based smoothies.
  • Yummy Juice. Who doesn’t like juice? Just like smoothies, you can easily combine unpleasant-tasting vegetables with fruits. Enjoy the suggested “immune-boosting antioxidant juice” that’s loaded with vitamins for a stimulating morning. The recipe calls for a combination of the following ingredients: sweet potato, apple, chard (including stems), celery, carrots, lemon cucumber, yellow pepper and ginger. The other juices in the list are Carrot Apple Ginger Juice, Sparkling Pomegranate Juice, all-veggie Green Juice, and Orange Sports Drink, an after workout energizer.
  • Just a Simple, Refreshing Drink. If jumpstarting your metabolism and flushing out toxins is something you want as an early ritual, get that lemon in your morning “brew.’ The ginger in the Lemon Ginger Detox Drink is also a potent detoxifier that can also kick start your metabolism in the morning. If you are the type who wants to start the day with a glass of plain water, make it a bit more refreshing and cleansing with Morning Lemon Mint Water (that’s water with lemon and mint). For a more filling drink on a summer morning, try Carrot Lemonade, a concoction made with pineapple juice, lemon and lemon wedges aside from boiled carrots.
  • Spice Up Your Tea with Cinnamon. One good way to incorporate healthy cinnamon in your day’s intake is by mixing it up in your morning drink. Cinnamon Rice Milk is a healthy and delicious morning beverage for the whole family. Chai Orange Latte can stir you to wakefulness because chai tea has caffeine. The other ingredients – milk, pure orange juice (plus the zest of 1 orange), cinnamon and whole cloves – make it so delicious and aromatic you’ll wean from coffee in no time. Alternate it with another latte, the Apple Cinnamon Tea Latte, for variety. It makes use of chamomile tea, apple, almond milk, and cinnamon with honey for sweetness.
  • Healthy Dandelion Root Coffee. For a unique, healthy alternative, try this concoction. This “coffee” from the roots of dandelion is known to have healthy anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. The benefits range from lowering the blood pressure and liver cleansing to weight loss and improvement in the digestive functions. Processing the roots into “coffee” can be done at home. The bitterness can be countered with honey.

It is definitely great to bring your senses to alertness with a cup of brewed coffee. If that cup will make you sick or make your medical condition worse, however, think alternatives. There are a whole lot of other options that are not only healthy, but delicious as well. Try any of these, or put your creativity to good use by concocting your own.

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