How Mouthfeel Can Influence Wine Sensation

Mouthfeel And Wine Pairings

Mouthfeel is a word to explain the tactile sensation inside your mouth relating to a number of different foods. Another word with a similar meaning in this context would be “texture”.

In terms of pairing food and wine, the combination of a heavy cabernet sauvignon style red wine with roasted steak is one of the more classic food-wine pairing combinations. [Read more…]

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Olive Oil Scandal – Let The Buyer Beware

Is Your Olive Oil The Real Thing?

It has recently been reported that some businessmen in Cordoba Spain have been prosecuted with olive oil fraud.

It appears that they have been selling an adulterated mixture of oils and other ingredients as extra virgin olive oil. Apparently the mix consisted of a small quantity of olive oil, a much larger quantity of sunflower oil and a coloring agent to provide the appearance of a cold pressed extra virgin oil.

It is reported that several hundred thousand litres of this fraudulent product have been sold before the scam was terminated, so presumably there is still a quantity of this so called olive oil product gracing the shelves of outlets around the world. [Read more…]

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