Australian Cheese: Keeping up with the Best

Cheese of Australia

Australia is said to be the “Land of Milk and Milk”, so they know their cheese.

It is, after all, Australia’s major export product for the Australian dairy industry.

The cheese industry has a production of of 213,000 tonnes for the domestic consumption valued at an estimated A$1.6 billion, and an export sales of 163,000 tonnes amounting to about A$731 million in 2010 – 2011. That’s definitely a whole lot of cheese!

Not only is Australia a top producer of cheese despite being a late bloomer compared to Europe, but it’s quality is also internationally acclaimed. 

cheesePyengana, Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella, Oen, La Luna, Devil’s Foot, Billy, Ironstone, Broch, Le Petit Prince and Pandora – these are just 10 of Australia’s best cheeses.

Australian excellence in cheese production cannot be denied

After all, many of them have recently been rated as being among the world’s best.

This has been the contention of a feature story of ABC Rural – Features Section  entitled “French judge praises Australian cheese as world class.”

Australia’s top cheeses are equal to the best in France, according to a visiting international dairy judge.cheese

“Herve Mons is considered one of the top affineurs, people dealing with cheese, in France, and he praised the cheeses highly,” says the Show Society’s chief Australian dairy judge Russell Smith.

Mr Smith says his fellow international judge was delighted by his first time visit to Australia. He was exposed to our best dairy producers as they competed in Sydney at the National Show Society’s dairy awards.

“He was quite surprised by the quality and the diversity.”

Russell Smith says the French judge praised many winning Australian dairy foods as world class.

It is hard not to take this recognition with pride as the Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest dairy show with a thousand diverse regional cheeses along with ice creams, dips,  butters,chocolate and other dairy foods.

The event showcased dairy cow milk consisting 99 percent of the products, yet blends using milk from goats, sheep and buffalo have also been featured and complimented for their excellent qualities.

With the compliment coming from the likes of Russell Smith who judges cheese and dairy products internationally, it is a heartwarming recognition.

With a massive production of Australian milk and cheese, and with the compliment from this judge, nothing less is to be expected from Australia from this time on.

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