8 of the Most Irresistible Chocolate Drinks of All Time

What can go wrong with chocolate?

Aside from being delicious, it is also the ultimate comfort food.

Chocolate can be a stress reliever and a mood-enhancer, and is the all-time favorite with people of all ages.

So we have found eight of the best all-season chocolate drinks for you and compiled them together so that you can look them up, try the recipes, and maybe make your own version of these drinks to suite any day of the year.

Here are the 8 delicious chocolate drinks that are easy to prepare and are definitely going to please your family:

  • Drinking Chocolate

Dorothy Kern tells us: “This Drinking Chocolate is the richest, most indulgent hot chocolate recipe ever! It’s like drinking hot ganache and it’s to die for!”

chocolate drinks

Photo Credits: Crazy for Crust

Get the Drinking Chocolate recipe on Crazy for Crust.

  • Chocolate Blitzen

For lovers of chocolate who are looking for an amazing cocktail, Chocolate Blitzen may just be the perfect answer. It’s simple to make and looks absolutely out of this world.

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: Recipe

Get the Chocolate Blitzen recipe on Recipe.

  • Chocolate Mint Milkshake

This is a simple to make yet extremely tasty variation on a standard milkshake that is cool and refreshing and will have you coming back for more.

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: CC<3’s2bake

Get the recipe of Chocolate Mint Milkshake on allrecipes.

  • Cream of Tequila Chocolate Margarita

What about a margarita made with lots of tequila, chocolate syrup and nutella – maybe not traditional, but who cares?

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: Cookpad

Get the Cream of Tequila Chocolate Margarita recipe on Cookpad.

  • Vegan Mayan Drinking Chocolate

People who don’t have dairy foods in their diet won’t be left behind with this amazing recipe that is indulgent, satisfying, rich and sweet

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Get Vegan Mayan Drinking Chocolate recipe on Minimalist Baker.

  • Iced Chocolate

Anybody who may have spare chocolates lying around, and who is looking for an amazing way to put them to good use, ,needs to check out this unusual recipe to combine them into a rich ice cold drink.

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: David Lebovitz

Get the Iced Chocolate recipe on David Lebovitz

  • Chocolate Milk

The chocolate milk that you buy from the supermarket isn’t all that exciting, but the author of this recipe claims that this is the easiest and best chocolate milk that you’ll ever have.

Chocolate Drink

Photo Credit: I Am Baker

Get the Homemade Chocolate Milk recipe on I Am Baker.

  • Fizzy Mint-Chocolate Soda

Chocolate and mint go together beautifully, and this simple recipe combines these ingredients with fizzy soda to provide a memorable chocolate experience.

Chocolate Drinks

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Get the Fizzy Mint-Chocolate Soda recipe on Better Homes and Gardens.

Try out these recipes and be sure to tell us what you like the best.

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